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In the real world, weather does tend to affect the way things work outdoors. Baseball games are rained out, visibility is lowered, planes canít fly as far, landing on the carrier deck gets to be a little slippery. Ships, also, canít make quite the speed they might when fighting the high waves of a storm. If you turn Weather Effects on, the weather will have several subtle effects on the things your forces are capable of and the outcomes of various actions. If not, everyone remembered their raincoat and rubbers and all-weather tires, and the weather will have no effect except for changing the view outside the cockpit. The admirals, vice-admirals, rear admirals, and other commanders in a carrier battle were very rarely involved directly in the minute-to-minute carnage of the air strikes they ordered. All their knowledge of what happened came from reports Ė reports from spotter planes, returning aircraft, and other sources. Not all of these reports were reliable. In fact, at the Battle of the Philippine Sea the commander of the Japanese forces was led to believe he was winning when almost every one of his planes had been destroyed. If you set Battle Reports to be accurate, none of the information you receive as to damage done and losses will be incorrect. If you allow the reports to be inaccurate, you will sometimes get false news (about as often as the commanders of the time did).
Those of you who have studied the historical context of these battles or played out each Carrier Battle scenario several times will find few surprises in the position, strength, and configuration of the forces on each side. It is conceivable that you might want to spice things up a little. The Set-up option lets you do just that. You can choose whether the force configurations are based on historical fact or are generated by the whim of the game. Select Historic Set-up to have the two nationsí forces closely match their historical configurations and starting positions. Use the Random Set-up to add a little uncertainty to the situation.