Play Gunshot Cowboy - The lonely cowboy has many enemies in the wild west, so ride with the wind and shoot everyone that you meet.

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You rarely know, when you enter a sea battle, how cunning and experienced your opponent is. Much of the time, you donít even know the identity of the enemy commander. In 1942 THE PACIFIC AIR WAR, you normally wonít know who youíre up against unless your spotters are pretty good, but you have a chance to decide just how skillful your opponents are going to be. If you choose the easier Skill Level, the opposing admirals and other task force commanders will be less intelligent and crafty than their historical archetypes. If you challenge the more difficult level, prepare to have your butt kicked all over the Pacific. Piloting Options Several of the Reality Options only affect the way things work when you choose to enter the cockpit and fly the combat portion of a strike mission. These options are described briefly below. For more details, please refer to Realism Options and the Difficulty Level, in the Flying A Mission section.
Ammunition Loads the plane with either realistic or unlimited ammunition. The Sun Turns the blinding aspect of facing the sun on and off. Mid-air Collisions Sets whether or not other aircraft are treated as solid objects. Ships Evade Determines whether ships will try to dodge bombs and torpedoes. Blackouts Real pilots black out at high gís; you have a choice. Fatal Crashes Makes collisions either harmless or plane-destroying. Hit Detection Scoring of hits with all types of weapons can be easy or realistic. Engine Overheating Engine will die out when overheated if this option is selected. Engine Torque With torgue selected, the aircraft will naturally lean to the left. Enemy Pilot Skilled Enemy aircraft skill will be higher with this option selected. Landings Gives you the option to make landings easy or realistic. Real Flight Model Gives your flight more variants to deal with when selected.