Play Spongebob Super Jump - Help Spongebob jump through all the levels.

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At certain junctions in a battle, you may want to allow things to progress on their own. Though time is already accelerated during the Carrier Battle (if it weren’t, one battle could quite literally take weeks to play), sometimes strategy requires letting some pretty dull stretches go by. Rather than sitting idle for several minutes (or longer) just watching, some players may prefer to accelerate the passage of time even further. 1942 THE PACIFIC AIR WAR makes this possible in both the Carrier Battle and the flight portions of the game. To further accelerate time, press the Accelerate Time key. (Please check the Keycard for the exact keystroke.) The new time rate will be displayed on-screen. For even more acceleration, simply press the same key again to jump the time rate. You can continue to increase time up to the maximum rate.
Time will return to the original rate as soon as you click on a task group, opening the Command Menu (this will also stop time until you close the menu). If for some reason you would rather not do this, you can press the Reset Time key to immediately return to 1x time.
Of the several options on the Command Menu, two are used to control the entire task group. If there are no carriers in the selected task group, only these options and Exit will be available. Neither of these options will ever be available for a base.