Play Beauty Or Butterface - Try and decide if these girls are beauties or butterfaces.

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For every task group under your command you have a Command Compass, which you use to order heading changes. You can change course as often and as radically as you like. No matter what sort of deranged maneuvers you pull, your search and CAP planes will always be able to find their way back to their home carrier. If they have enough fuel, that is. Of course itís difficult, if not impossible, to land on the deck of a carrier thatís in the midst of changing course, so you may want to leave the compass alone once in a while. One thing to note is that the pilots of planes out on a strike mission assume that the carrier will maintain a roughly steady course and speed while the strike is underway. These planes will not home in on the carrier. Please refer to Launching a Strike for more detail.
When you choose Set Course, your Command Compass is superimposed on the map. In the center of this compass is the task group to which you are giving orders. The compass needle, a thick white line, follows the mouse pointer around the screen. Move the pointer around until the needle points to the new course you plan for that group. Left-click to release the Command Compass, and the ships will begin turning to the new heading immediately.