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Combat Air Patrol (CAP) is the naval pilotís version of perimeter guard duty. As an early warning system, CAP is absolutely necessary for spotting and identifying enemy aircraft before they threaten the base or task group. In the case of an attack, your CAP also serves as a first line of defense. They may not always stop the enemy, but a good CAP might stall them long enough for the rest of your fighters to get into the air. Without CAP, you could easily be caught by surprise when the enemy comes after you. First, select Combat Air Patrol. If the force youíre giving orders to includes more than one carrier, you will be prompted to choose on which carrier you would like to base the patrol.
Next, you need to decide which squadron will supply planes for CAP. All of the available squadrons will be listed in a window according to the type of aircraft that makes up that squadron. Left-click on a squadron to see how many planes are available. Once you find the squadron you want to fly CAP (preferably a group of fighters), left-click on the up and down arrows next to the squadron information to set the number of planes on CAP duty. Remember that these planes will be unavailable for other duties until the CAP is recalled. When everything is the way you want it, left-click on the square in the upper lefthand corner of the window to order the patrol to begin. Your pilots will fly CAP continually until you return to this window and cancel CAP duty.