Play Accurate Slapshot Game - Get your stick and try to get the ice hockey puck into the net with as little tries as possible.

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Several individual mission scenarios, all different, are included under each type. Select the type of mission you want to fly according to the descriptions below. Once you have selected, the list of individual mission scenarios is displayed. FIGHTER SWEEP The carrier group is launching an attack on an enemy base. In preparation, a force of fighters, including your plane, is sent out to minimize the air defenses over the target base. Your primary goal is to damage or destroy as many enemy aircraft as possible, whether you find them in the air or on the ground. The fewer planes the enemy has in the air when the main force arrives, the better chance that the attack will be successful.
COMBAT AIR PATROL (CAP) CAP is the only inherently defensive mission type. When flying CAP, your fighter or group of fighters is assigned to patrol a direction from which the enemy is expected to attack. Normally, you will fly out a specified distance from the carrier, then screen the assigned area for hostiles. If there is an encounter, it is most likely that the enemy is either the forefront of a greater force bent on attacking the carrier or a reconnaissance mission preparing for such an attack. In either case, destroying the enemy force swiftly and with minimal loss of friendlies is your primary goal.
BOMBER ESCORT The carrier group has launched an attack on an enemy base or ship. The fighter sweep (if there was one) went out a few hours ago, and now the bombers are being launched. Your mission is to fly in formation with the bombers, protecting them from enemy aircraft on their way to the target. Remember, if the bombers are lost, the attack cannot proceed. Minimize your losses, but see that the bombers get through.