Play Acid Bunny Game - Poor bunny accidentally ripped his friend apart and now has to collect all body parts and threads to put him back together.

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Once you select a mission type, the list of available mission scenarios of that type is retrieved and displayed in the Mission Listing Box. All of these missions are derived from what really took place during the Pacific air war. The only significant difference is your involvement. These are pieces of the war that you can relive or rewrite, as you choose. If you’d prefer not to fly an historical mission, you can invent your own missions using the Mission Builder. Please refer to the Custom Missions section for instructions. Use the arrow keys to highlight the mission you want to fly and press e, or simply click on that mission with the [LMB]. Note that the Mission Listing Box can display no more than ten listings at one time, but there are more than ten individual missions to list. Use the scroll bar if you wish to bring the unseen mission listings into the box.
At this point, you have the option of modifying the weather and the starting time of the mission you are about to fly. You can accept the default settings or customize the meteorological situation. You control the weather by clicking the [LMB] on the landscape graphic in the Meteorology Box. Cycle through the various types of cloud cover until you find the one you wish to experience.
Changing the mission starting time only affects the sun. As your mission progresses, the sun may rise or set, depending on the time. Each part of the starting time has buttons above and below it. Left-click on the button above to move time forward, and use the button below to move time backward.