Play Angel of the Battlefield Game - Rabbit nurse has a tough job rescuing injured soldiers on the battle field.

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MID-AIR COLLISIONS Modern long-range weaponry assures that jet fighters rarely get close enough to each other to have to worry about the chance of collision. In 1942, however, this was not the case. Your only air-to-air weapons are your guns, and you have to get pretty close to use them. Mid-air collisions are a serious risk, especially when dogfighting. If Mid-air Collisions are enabled, hitting another aircraft will damage your plane, probably fatally. If not, aircraft will pass through one another like ghosts.
HIT DETECTION This option has to do with the way the game computes whether or not your bullets hit an enemy plane. Your target can be represented using a “bulk silhouette”, in which one big geometrical shape is used for the entire plane. This technique makes a lot of what would, in reality, be near-misses into hits. A “detail silhouette”, on the other hand, represents the target as an agglomeration of many smaller shapes. This more realistic option makes dogfighting just that much more difficult. If Hit Detection is set to difficult, hits on enemy aircraft will be computed on the smaller, more realistic silhouette. If not, they will all be a little easier to hit.
SHIPS EVADE Whenever you drop bombs toward a ship, there’s a good chance someone in the crew will notice. There’s a lesser chance that they’ll spot an incoming torpedo, but this chance grows the more torpedoes you fire. In either case, once a threat to the ship is detected, evasive maneuvers commence. An experienced Captain can minimize the damage and, in many cases, avoid being hit altogether. If you choose to have Ships Evade enabled, surface targets may detect your attack and try to escape it. If not, the spotters are asleep, and the ship will steam blithely into the path of destruction.