Play Army of Ages Game - A strange life form invaded your territory and your goal is to survice and destroy the aliens.

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Sweep Fly to the assigned area and destroy as many enemy aircraft as possible. Your primary duty is to soften up the enemy for the upcoming attack. Expect heavy resistance, including plenty of anti-aircraft fire. Escort Follow and protect the bombers. Escort fighters should fly roughly 1000 feet above the bombers and the same distance out. Position in relation to the bombers (front, rear, side, etc.) depends on from which direction the enemy is expected. Position in the formation depends on the rank and experience of the pilot. Bomber Fly to the area where your target was reported to be, find it, and do as much damage as you can. You can depend on your fighter escort for a certain amount of protection, but be careful. Remember that your target is not defenseless; watch out for flak.
Getting there can take some time (we have included a function for accelerating the passage of time by several times – please refer to the Keycard for the method). This, the relatively peaceful part of the mission, is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the basics of controlling your aircraft. This is also the best time to get in some practice with the various viewpoints and learn how to use the External Camera to your advantage.
When you’ve got the hang of flying, or at least are pretty sure you can keep from crashing for a few minutes, you can try looking around. (If you do have trouble controlling the aircraft while you’re exploring the other viewpoints, set the autopilot and relax.) 1942 THE PACIFIC AIR WAR provides almost every point of view available to pilots in actual planes, and quite a few that real combat pilots probably wish they could have. Flying around on the way to your mission is a good time to familiarize yourself with the various point of view and camera controls. An instinctive command of these viewpoint controls – especially the Virtual Cockpit Mode – can be very helpful during a dogfight.