Play MAD - Your base is under attack. Shoot down enemy missiles before its too late.

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Finally, install checks your free memory. If you don’t have enough, it tells you so. Assuming that your system has enough memory installed (see the Technical Supplement for the specific memory requirements), removing some Terminate-andStay-Resident programs (TSRs) or loading them into high memory should free up enough to run the game. Note that you can easily update the installed setup if you change your hardware configuration. All you have to do is run the install program again – this time from the game directory, not the original disks. Install will not try to re-install the game, and the setup portion of the program will allow you to update your hardware setup. If you’ve just finished installing 1942 THE PACIFIC AIR WAR, then the game directory is your current directory. If not, make sure that the directory to which you installed the game is your current directory. Normally, this will be C:\MPS\1942. Type 1942 and press e to start the game. No more than a few seconds should pass before the title screen appears.
1942 THE PACIFIC AIR WAR is an advanced, complex, historical military simulation. You can not play if you only use keyboard controls. Use of either a joystick or a mouse is absolutely necessary. In fact, we strongly recommend you use both. Otherwise, some of the External Camera functions and Flight Film editing features in particular will be difficult to use. What follows is a brief introduction to the use of these standard controllers with this game. Experienced simulation players and those familiar with recent MicroProse products will probably want to skim this section. Beginning players will get the most benefit from reading it through. 1942 THE PACIFIC AIR WAR is designed to work with most of the available flight simulation add-on hardware systems. If you follow the installation instructions and the documentation that came with the add-on system you’re using, you should not have any problems. Customer Service will likely be able to solve whatever problems you do encounter. However, please remember that there is no guarantee that any particular piece of non-standard hardware will function with this game.