Play Dead Zed - You are alone in abandoned house with a rifle in your hand and lots of zombies are approaching. What are you going to do?

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The keyboard is the primary control device for your computer, but it is often a secondary controller while playing 1942 THE PACIFIC AIR WAR. Keystroke commands are most commonly used to change the viewpoint while flying, to enter text in certain fields (naming pilots, for example), and to control things like the throttle, gear, and brakes. Keyboard controls are represented in this manual enclosed in boxes. Thus, for example, Function Key #1 would appear as 1, just as it does on the keyboard itself. Key combinations that should be pressed at the same time are presented together, as in cad. All keys will be capitalized, but you do not need to enter capital letters. (A capital P, for example, would appear as sP, while a lowercase p would be P.) We use the standard abbreviations for the special keys. Note that if you wish to, you can use the keyboard in place of the mouse or joystick to select from menus and move on-screen boxes and menus around. Please refer to the Keycard for the exact method. Though some of the keyboard commands are described in the relevant sections, please refer to the Keycard for the exact keystrokes used in controlling 1942 THE PACIFIC AIR WAR. There are some keyboard command standards that are shared by virtually all MicroProse games; those are described here.
Pausing At any time, you can press aP to pause the game. Notification of the pause will appear, and nothing will happen (in the game) until you release the pause. The action in the game will stop until you restart it, but you still have control of the External Camera and the viewpoint controls. Note that none of the controls except those relevant to the Camera and viewpoints will have any function. To restart the action, press aP again.