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The Main Menu includes an Exit option for leaving the game, but you will not always have the luxury of enough time to work your way back to this menu to quit. To quit 1942 THE PACIFIC AIR WAR at any time, you can press aQ. The game will prompt you to verify that you want to quit to DOS. If you verify, the game shuts down and returns you to a DOS prompt. If not, the game continues. Note that if you are in the midst of a career mission when you quit, you will begin again with that mission when you come back to the game. If you wish to end your current mission without the hassle of shutting down the whole game and restarting, press Q. You will be prompted to verify this command. If you were flying a career mission, the mission will be discarded unless you completed your objective before quitting.
MOUSE OR TRACKBALL If you do not have a joystick attached to your system, the mouse or trackball is likely to be the primary controller for 1942 THE PACIFIC AIR WAR. (Throughout this manual, the trackball and mouse are treated as being synonymous and referred to as the ‘mouse’.) Though it is difficult at first, you can even fly the planes using the mouse. Even if you do have both a mouse and a joystick, the mouse is important. The mouse is most often used to select from menus and maps and to move around the briefing screens. Mouse controls are represented in this manual in bold type and enclosed in brackets. Thus, for example, the Left Mouse Button would appear as [LMB]. Directional controls are represented by “mouse” commands – [Mouse Left], for example. The mouse controls for the External Camera are described in the relevant section. You can also use the Keycard as a quick reference. The mouse motions used to fly the plane are summarized here.